The Committee of PIBA and the Council of IBA have today decided to embark on a new era of co-operation between Ireland’s main broker bodies.  I attach a joint press release for your reference.


“Brokers Ireland” will be a joint Forum between IBA and PIBA with regular meetings and a focus on harnessing the joint resources and expertise of both bodies to further professionalise the representation of Irish brokers.

Our first focus will be on the raft of European legislation which will likely flow from the IMDII, MIFIDII and PRIPs directives – all of which will impact our market in 2017.  We are determined to ensure the maintenance of access to independent expert financial advice based on the choice of commission or fee payments and the new Forum will be charged with this as its top priority.

We have seen that when PIBA and IBA speak with one voice, we can have a greater influence on legislation and regulatory matters.  This new Forum formalises this whilst maintaining the independence and integrity of both organisations as separate entities.

Greater co-operation and friendship between IBA and PIBA is good news for all brokers and means our collective resources will be better deployed to serve you.

Yours sincerely

Brendan Spring